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Exploring types of planners: A Complete Guide

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Planners have become necessary for many people in an era where every minute is crucial and staying organized is the need of the hour. From businessmen to entrepreneurs to students juggling multiple things at a time, planners are like personal assistants, providing efficacy, structure, and peace of mind.

Choosing the right type of planner increases your productivity multiplefold and makes you utilize your time in the best possible way. As all planners are not built in the same way and we are spoiled with options, deciding on planner types for your use can be a daunting task. However, understanding the features and highlights of each type of planner can make the job easier. So let us explore further different types of planners to help you stay at the top of your game.

types of planners

What is a planner?

A planner is a helpful tool that lets you plan your day-to-day activities, your goals, your progress, and your strategies. They come in a variety of forms to meet different needs (more about that in the section below), but in general, they can assist with tasks like making checklists and schedules, tracking assignment progress, and even designing more intricate schemes like business strategies and development plans. The best part about them is that they can be used for personal, professional, or educational purposes, as they can be customized to your needs.

Types of planners

Digital planners

While digital is the new way to get things done, some of us find convenience in the old ways of pen and paper. Often, it gets difficult to switch from handwritten planners to app ones, so we have found a midway solution to this problem: digital planners.
These digital planners come in a variety of PDF formats, which you can download on a phone, a computer, or a tablet and mark up using a PDF editor tool. They are as handy as a paper journal but with numerous benefits over traditional journals, like portability, integrative tools, and search functionalities.
The complexity and features of digital planners vary from straightforward calendar apps with basic scheduling features to all-inclusive productivity suites with sophisticated task administration, goal tracking, habit-building resources, different planner layouts, and much more. There is nothing you cannot achieve with the help of these types of planners. To help you in every sphere of management, we have come up with the following types of digital planners:

Educational planners

  • Digital teacher planner: If you are a teacher or an educator and are having difficulty organizing class schedules, keeping track of grades, and making lesson plans, look no further. 

With Boss Personal Planners’ digital teacher planner, store all your teaching resources, lesson plans, curriculum documents, grade books, and student information at the tip of your hands. Add personal planner layouts, integrate them with learning tools, and share them with your colleagues. Ditch the stress of organisation and enjoy every moment of your teaching.

  • Digital student planner: A digital student planner is an adaptable tool that may be used to effectively organise their academic lives. With the growing use of technology in the classroom, digital planners provide students with an easy-to-use method of keeping track of their deadlines, assignments, and schedules.
  • Digital notebook and bullet journal: Among various types of planners for educational purposes, a digital notebook provides a convenient way to take classroom notes, meeting notes, and task notes. The planner layouts keep all the important entries in one place, so you never miss out on anything!

Digital business planners

Make your business goals easier with the help of digital business planners. They will assist you with planning, organising, and managing several facets of your professional life. Set due dates, assign priorities, and monitor progress with the different types of digital business planners from Boss Personal Planners. Choose from a customizable digital planner, a digital life planner 3-in-1 combo, a digital budget planner, or a digital 100-day planner to help you set your goals, set up, and budget for your business.

Printable planners

Printable planners are the ones that you can print out and use as per your needs. Many different styles of printable planners are available, including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly layouts, to meet different types of planning needs.
Saving you from the technical challenges of a digital planner, these types of planners come in printable PDF format that can be marked with a pen and pencil. You can take as many printouts as you wish, create a binder, or create customized folders. Moreover, you can add or take out pages if you wish to add new goals or call off some from your previous plan of action. Take a look at the options for different types of printable planners. You are spoilt for choice with Boss Personal Planner.

  • Printable bullet journal PDF
  • Printable 100-day planner PDF
  • Printable gratitude journal PDF
  • Printable life planner PDF
  • A printable student and teacher planner
  • Weekly planner printable PDF
  • A printable fitness planner
  • A printable budget planner
  • A printable business planner
  • A printable daily planner

    You can buy all these printable planners in two versions: full-page ones and ones with space for punchable holes so that you can build a binder if you wish.

Paper-bound planners

Writing down information can aid memory retention. According to some research, writing down information can aid memory retention more than typing it out. So, if you are worried about forgetting about your plans, jolt them down in our good old-fashioned paper-bound planners.

There is no stress about printing, charging, or synchronizing these planners with other software. It is hassle-free and a fun way to express yourself on each page. Simply grab a pen and ace that planning with the Boss Personal Planner in notebook format!

Notion template

Yes, you read it right. The ultimate goal-planning Notion template is here. This template helps you organize every element of your life, whether it is personal or professional. Features like projects, tasks, journaling, and budgeting make a Notion template a one-man army.

You can integrate your meetings with Google Calendar, set your goals, take help from organisation tools, store links and resources, and assign tasks to other members from a single place

Take advantage of the budget section to check on expenses and finances for your business and personal use, and relieve yourself of all the financial stress. You can also use the journaling section to reflect on your thoughts and feelings and get in touch with yourself when the struggles of life wear you out.

Which one to choose—a paper or digital planner?

The question of whether digital or paper-based planners are better continues to be a topic of conflict among productivity advocates in this age of technological predominance. But each choice has specific benefits and cons. Whether you are an expert in digital writing or prefer writing with a pen and paper, the decision ultimately comes down to your requirements and tastes. Here, we have listed some pros and cons to help you decide.

Pros of a digital planner

  • There is no hassle of printing or paper, and numerous digital planner types are available on the market.
  • You can use any ink, any font, or any stickers for decoration.
  • You can edit it anytime if there is any change in your weekly or monthly plans.
  • You can synchronize your plans between many devices and access them from anywhere, anytime.
  • There is a backup for every piece of data, reducing the chances of data loss.

Cons of a digital planner

  • You will not be able to use your digital planner if there is no charge on your device.

Pros of a paper planner

  • There are numerous page sizes, planner layouts, paper kinds, cover materials, and binding styles available for paper planners.
  • It is less expensive than a digital planner.
  • Writing down your plans and ideas on paper has a certain relaxing quality. Turning pages of planner layouts and writing on different types of planners by hand provides a tactile sensation that can improve cognitive function and retention of information.

Cons of a paper planner 

  • There is a risk of data loss. You can lose the hard copy of planner layouts or it may be damaged by water, etc.
  • You need additional stationery like pens, pencils, markers, sticky notes, and all.
  • There is no data backup for paper planner types.
  • You have to carry it everywhere you go, which gets inconvenient at times.

Final words 

The choice between digital and paper planner types ultimately comes down to workflow, lifestyle, and personal taste. Some people are digital natives who use technology to optimise their organisational processes. Some find comfort in the tangible and straightforward nature of a classic paper planner.

When assessing your selections, take into account your needs, interests, and habits. But it is recommended to try out a few digital and paper types of planners to see which suits your productivity style the most.

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