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How to Get Started with Digital Planners on the iPad

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Digital planners are becoming increasingly popular, with many in the planning community transitioning from paper to digital methods. The advantages of using an iPad for a digital planner are numerous, and today, I’m thrilled to share these benefits with you and guide you through using a digital planner.

Start your digital planning journey on your iPad with MyDigitalPlanner, the hottest Digital Planner in 2024 for Tablets and iPads. Discover how digital planning can transform your organizational habits.

I absolutely love our iPad, and any opportunity to use it is a win, especially when I can pair it with an Apple Pencil. Using MyDigitalPlanner on an iPad blends my enthusiasm for technology with my passion for planning and journaling. It feels like a perfect match!

What is a Digital Planner?

A digital planner is almost like the traditional paper planners you’d pick up from a stationery shop, but instead of paper, they’re on your iPad (or tablet of your choice)!

To put it simply, I am not talking about the ‘notes’ app on your iPad or Google Calendar. Digital planners on iPad are basically PDF versions of actual planners. You can import these PDF files into your favorite note-taking app so you can take your planner with you wherever you go!

They even replicate the look and feel of a traditional planner. Pretty cool, right?

making a digital planner

Setting Up Your Digital Planner on iPad

Step 1: Choosing the Right App

The first thing a user needs to do when they want to start using a digital planner is select the right application. There are many great digital planner apps available for the iPad. 

Today, I’ll recommend the one I use and have developed, keeping in mind the users and what they seek from a digital planner. MyDigitalPlanner is minimalist, easy to use, and very aesthetically pleasing. It is highly customizable, so you’ll have room for some creativity. 

Step 2:  Choose Your Digital Planning App

To fully utilize MyDigitalPlanner, you’ll need a note-taking app to interact with it. Our personal favorites are Goodnotes or Notability, both of which are known for being user-friendly. These apps are often free for basic features but charge a minimal fee for premium features.

Step 3: Importing Files

With your planner downloaded and the app ready, it’s time to import the PDF. Simply tap on “Import” and select the planner file. And let the fun begin.

You can also go to “downloads” on your File Manager, click on the PDF, and “open with” Noteshelf or Evernote.

Step 4: Printing for On-the-Go Planning

We understand some prefer physical copies in certain situations. MyDigitalPlanner offers printable versions of its planners, too. Print your favorite pages and pop them into a binder for on-the-go planning.

Tip: Consider laminating these pages for a reusable and eco-friendly option!

Features of iPad Digital Planners


What I like most about digital planners for iPad is that they can be easily edited. You can alter the site layout, color choices, font types, and many other options. Some apps even allow you to add stickers and pictures, making the planner more attractive and personal.

Handwriting and Typing

All the iPad digital planners are friendly to handwriting and typing. When using the Apple Pencil, you can write notes, draw, and highlight right on the planner. If you find typing more convenient, you can use the on-screen keyboard or a keyboard connected to the computer.


Most planner templates available online are interactive and contain hyperlinks that help you jump to a different section. This feature is very handy when switching from the monthly view to the day view.

Reminders and Notifications

Digital planners on iPads also work with the reminder and notification system. You can create tasks and task reminders so you will not forget about important meetings or dates.

Search Functionality

Another benefit of using a digital planner is easily searching your notes and entries. This means that you can search for a specific piece of information without having to spend a lot of time doing so.

How I Planned My Weeks With a Digital Planner

Setting Goals

Every day, I create a list of goals online at the beginning of the week. This keeps me on track and helps me avoid procrastination and delays in handling my tasks. I also write these goals in the weekly overview section of my personal planner.

Breaking Down Tasks

I break down my weekly goals into smaller, manageable tasks. Every task is scheduled for a particular day, and this way, I do not feel overwhelmed and can work on the tasks continuously throughout the week.

Daily Planning

Before going to bed, I take some time to organize the following day. I check my to-do list, rearrange my calendar if needed, and make sure that I am ready for any meetings or deadlines that may be coming up. This routine assists me in waking up with a plan for how the day will be spent.

Tracking Progress

During the week, I record my performance by marking off accomplished tasks. This makes me feel more productive and accomplished and enables me to manage my workload effectively. If I need to catch up, I can easily bring my plans up to speed with what I am doing.

Reflecting and Adjusting

Every week, I try to look at the things that were done well and the things that could have been done better. From these reflections, I can change the planning process to enhance the planning and execution process for better productivity.

Integrating iPad Digital Planners with Other Apps

Calendar Integration

Sync your digital planner with the calendar application on your iPad. This can help you keep your events and appointments in order and avoid scheduling the same time for two occasions.

Task Management Apps

MyDigitalApp can be linked with task management apps, such as Todoist, Trello, or Asana. This way you can have all your tasks in one place and enjoy the benefits of these apps’ features.

Note-Taking Apps

If you are using note-taking apps such as Evernote, OneNote, etc., you can link your notes to your digital planner. This is handy, especially when taking notes in meetings and planning projects, as you can quickly refer to the details.

Cloud Storage

Use cloud storage services, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, to ensure that your planner is safe and easily accessible. This also makes it easy to share portions of your planner with other co-workers or family members.

Health and Fitness Apps

If you are concerned with your health and fitness, linking it with MyDigitalPlanner via Apple Health or MyFitnessPal app can be very useful. The planner allows you to log workouts, track nutrition, and even set health goals for yourself.


MyDigitalPlanner is probably the most user-friendly, aesthetic digital planner for iPad and tablets. It is an effective and efficient tool for time management. 

Once you go to MyDigitalPanner, you cannot go back. Regular paper planners are a thing of the past, People! There is tons of waste, from plastic to paper, which is highly harmful to Mother Earth. Be sustainable and contribute to a better and more planned future with us.

2024 Digital Planner For Tablets

ipad digital planner

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2024 Digital Planner For Tablets

ipad digital planner

Key Features

2024 Digital Planner For Tablets

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