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How to Select the Best Digital Planner for Windows

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Want to get organized in 2024 in a fun and paperless way?

What you need is a digital planner from Boss Personal Planner. Their stock of digital planners assists you in maintaining productivity by streamlining your whole process of planning and groundwork.

You can track your habits, manage your schedule, and stay on top of all your to-do lists, just like a paper planner, but in a much more convenient way. 

Though there are many benefits to digital planners, such as greater customization, flexibility, faster hyperlink navigation, and greater mobility, some of them are not compatible with every device and operating system. 

So if you use a Windows device, how do you select the best digital planner for Windows? The article helps you decide that. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

How To Select the Best Digital Planner for Windows?

There are a few important things to take into account while choosing the best digital planner for Windows. To guarantee smooth integration and peak performance, connectivity with the operating system Microsoft Windows is the first and foremost important thing to consider.

So, seek out a digital planner with an easy-to-use design and features that can be adjusted to fit your unique requirements and tastes. 

The mandatory features that you should look for before getting a digital planner for Windows are:

  • Customization: Analyze your preferences concerning personalization, then look for a digital planner for Windows that is highly customizable. 

  • Compatibility: Make sure that your Windows device(s) and any other platforms you use, such as iOS or Android, are compatible with the digital planner app or specially curated digital planner for Windows laptops. 

  • Syncing and Integration: Evaluate how well it can sync with other programmes and platforms that you regularly use, like cloud storage services, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar.

  • Interface: Take into account both the user’s experience and the interface. Productivity can be greatly increased with an interface that is clear and easy to use. 

Exploring the Best Digital Planner for Windows

As we are loaded with options for digital planners for Windows, the selection process can be a daunting task. 

After considering the above factors and taking into account user reviews and ratings, we have narrowed down some of the best apps for you.

These apps are compatible with all Windows operating systems and work seamlessly on your 

mobile, tablet, and laptop. 

My Digital Planner

Whether you want to plan your meetings, set up a budget, track your fitness goals, or plan your daily schedule, there is a digital planner available. 

They come in daily, weekly, and monthly versions, and some of them are highly customizable. Furthermore, the icing on the cake has the following added benefits:

  • Compatible with Windows: The digital planner templates are specially designed to work with GoodNotes and Notion so that they run smoothly on your Windows operating system.

  • Simple user interface: The planners have a simple user interface. You can effortlessly write, type, or draw in it from your Windows laptop or tablet.

  • Alerts and reminders: You can set reminders for tasks, sync them with your Google Calendar, and track your progress throughout the day.

  • Customizability: The Custom Digital Planner allows you to be the designer of your planner. It comes with more than a hundred inserts, with endless possibilities for creating a planner. Plus, there are expansion packs available for purchase. 

Microsoft OneNote

One note comes with the Microsoft Office package. It is their electronic note-taking app that allows you to take notes, attach files, organize data, write articles, and edit PDFs in one digital notebook.

 With a fine-grained organizational structure, an extensive free version, and an array of features, OneNote is one of the greatest note-taking tools available. The best features of it are:

  • Data Organizer: It allows you to store and organize data in pages and subpages where you can add images, audio, text, and videos.

  • Decorative templates: The latest version of One Note comes with free templates with eye-catching page backgrounds and a defined look.

  • Voice-to-text conversion: This is the most unique feature of the app; it allows you to write in voice. Simply dictate to OneNote your content, and it will convert it to text. This feature is not available in another digital planner for Windows. 

  • Web clipper: You can import data into OneNote from a web page using the OneNote web clipper. Clipped webpages are accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Conversion of ink to text and math: If you have a handwritten note or you are trying to switch your data from a paper planner to your digital planner, this feature comes in handy. With the ability to read handwritten notes and equations, OneNotes converts your notes into typed texts. 

Microsoft Outlook

With its extensive calendar and task management features, Outlook is more than just an email platform. It’s a potent personal information manager. Its integrated task list, calendar, and email features help Windows users effectively manage their schedules. 

Reminders, shared calendars, colour-coded categories, and other features make Outlook a powerful digital planner for Windows, serving individuals as well as teams. Some of its best features are listed here:

  • Easy user interface: A familiar user interface in a digital planner for Windows laptops makes the switch from a paper planner to a digital planner easier. Microsoft Outlook has one of the smoother user interfaces that reduces learning time to a huge extent.

  • Task manager: Outlook comes with an inbuilt task manager that helps you curate tasks and to-do lists, track progress, and set priorities.

  • Outlook integrates with a wide range of third-party applications and services, such as project management software, CRM systems, and productivity apps, thus helping you to increase productivity.

  • Calendar: Outlook’s calendar feature makes it simple for users to plan events, make appointments, and create reminders. It offers scheduling versatility by supporting numerous calendars, colour coding, and different viewing options such as day, week, or month.


A timeless option for the best digital planner for Windows is Notion. This is because it has some unconventional working specifications, which are listed below:

  • Customizable interface: A personalised planning feature lets the user curate their digital planner layouts, templates, and pages. 

  • Cross-platform Compatibility: Besides being the best digital planner for Windows laptops, Notion works seamlessly with macOS, Android, and iOS. So regardless of the device you are using, you can access your planner anywhere.

  • Robust Multimedia Support: Notion offers multimedia components to be integrated into its databases, such as documents, files, photos, and links. 

    With the help of this feature, you can produce rich content planners that are aesthetically appealing while also enhancing the planning process in general.

  • Integration of Multiple Features: Notion is a platform that integrates several features, including databases, note-taking, task management, and calendar capabilities.
    You can set reminders for meetings, add details to your calendar, and integrate them.


Todoist is an excellent digital planner for Windows users because of its cross-platform synchronisation, intuitive UI, powerful organisational features, collaboration possibilities, integration choices, productivity benefits, and offline access. Besides that, Todoist also offers:

  • Automatic sorting: When you enter tasks with dates, Todoist sorts them into today, tomorrow, and other days. This helps boost the process of planning and saves a lot of time.

  • Several customizable widgets: Extensive customisation is possible with Todoist’s widgets; in addition to six distinct widget types, you can select to limit the tasks that are shown on a widget by using labels, filters, and other criteria.

  • Productivity tools: Todoist has several tools that help with productivity, including goal-setting, tracking progress using productivity trends, and employing custom filters to focus on particular tasks. Additionally, it has a “Karma” feature that gives you rewards for finishing tasks.

  • Collaboration: Todoist facilitates teamwork on assignments and projects. Users can delegate tasks to team members, collaborate on projects, and update or comment on assignments. This makes it an excellent digital planner for Windows, allowing for group projects or task coordination among family and friends.

Artful Agenda

Artful Agenda contains note-taking features that allow Windows OS users to write down thoughts, concepts, and vital information right inside the software. 

  • Creative Layouts: With Artful Agenda, users can alter the layouts of their planners to suit their tastes. Users of Windows OS can customise the digital planner’s look, including the colours, fonts, and themes, to create a workplace that complements their style and method of working.

  • Integration with Google Calendar: The planner is compatible with some well-known calendar systems, including Outlook, Apple, and Google calendars. So it updates your whole schedule in the planner from Google Calendar. 

  • Notifications and reminders: One of the best advantages of using a digital planner for Windows, like Artful Agenda, is the option to set notifications. When you are having a hectic day, setting up push notifications can help you stay on schedule.

  • Customer Support: If you run into technical difficulties or have inquiries regarding the platform, you can get customer support from Artful Agenda. You can go to Tools for Troubleshooting and get the required assistance.


Using technology to its full potential can greatly improve efficiency, productivity, and organisation in every aspect of one’s life. Choosing the best digital planner for Windows is essential if you want to incorporate technology into your daily activities and smoothly run them.

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