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Top 17 Best Digital Planners for 2024

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Drowning in the endless 2024 to-do lists and finding it hard to keep track of everything? Well, time to replace the cumbersome paper planner with a digital one. Digital planners are the talk of the hour. Super-flexible, super-friendly, and super-efficient. You can customize it to fit your style, increase your productivity, use your time efficiently, and so on and so forth. However, how do you filter out the best digital planners that suit your needs perfectly?

Well, you don’t have to. This blog post lists 17 exceptional digital planners that you need to check out right away. We will explore a variety of digital planners that are also available as PDF documents. What’s more? You can integrate these planners into popular note taking apps such as Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, and Noteshelf as well! Having said that, let’s begin.

List of Best Digital Planners for 2024

Investing in a digital planner indicates that you can see all of your plans, goals, and objectives in one glance! The interactive visuals, colorful pages, and an aesthetically appealing hub on your tablet/iPad simply means ‘no more scrambling for sticky notes!’ Read on to explore the 17 finely selected digital planners for 2024. 

1) My Digital Planner 2024 by MyDigitalPlanner.io

best digital planners

First up on the list of the best digital planners is My Digital Planner. In other terms, it’s time to streamline your day-to-day organization with the revolutionary My Digital Planner, made exclusively for iPad and Android tabs.

Making plans is a breeze with this. It has an editable yearly calendar that allows smooth navigation between days, weeks, and months. MyDigitalPlanner is an ideal choice for students, teachers, businesses, and individuals. It involves thousands of hyperlinks. It also features digitized sticker packs to let you customize your experience and add creativity to your organization.

Besides planning your schedule, you can also manage your finances, keep track of your wellness habits, schedule your fitness routines, and use a quick menu for easier navigation. Simply put, MyDigitalPlanner.io has you covered in every way.

➡️ Coolest features

  • Extensive collection of more than 500 pages, 50+ unique templates, and 2000 high-quality stickers. 
  • User-friendly interface with easy navigation and effective planning experience. 
  • It is a digital journal, a reminder, and a project planner.

➡️ Main limitations

  • MyDigitalPlanner is designed for tablets (Android or iPad) and may not work well on smaller devices (such as smartphones).

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2) 2024 Digital Planner Set by The Dash Planner

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If you’re looking for a planner that is both captivating and user-friendly, the Dash Planner is worth considering. The planner features 7 yearly pages for detailed yearly planning and multiple monthly pages, like calendars, overviews, finance trackers, habit trackers, and reviews, all conveniently organized for efficient planning. 

Additionally, you can access the online tutorials through the index page to set up your planner and make the most out of its features, such as stickers and PNG files.

➡️ Coolest features

  • Comprehensive digital life planner including functional features, and regular updates. 
  • Effortless navigation and access through each page with a sleek and contemporary design.

➡️ Main Limitations

  • The screen may not fit perfectly in landscape orientation. It can vary depending on the size of the device.

3) 2024 ADHD Planner by Manifestable

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 19.20.48

If you’re in search of a budget-friendly digital planner with a wide range of templates, this one’s your friend. With easy navigation through tabs, an index page, and hyperlinks, finding what you need is easier with this. 

The ADHD Planner provides detailed weekly and daily layouts that feature time blocking, goal setting, and prioritization. With its primary focus on promoting mental well-being and its user-friendly design, this planner is a perfect fit for individuals with ADHD or neurodivergent brains.

➡️ Coolest features

  • The soothing color palette and user-friendly layout minimize any potential distractions and promote a sense of organization.
  • Additional sections on the planning pages to help you plan your month, week, and days meticulously.

➡️ Main Limitations

  • Has a compact layout. You may have to zoom in for better visibility while writing.

4) The Elegant Planner – Boho Chic by BytheBrookDesign

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 19.23.13

The Elegant Planner offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, offering regular planning pages along with 80 extra templates for comprehensive organization. The productivity section includes 18 templates for goal setting, project planning, habit tracking, and more. 

Students may find features like course schedules and assignment trackers extremely helpful. The planner features filled-in examples for guidance and offers customization with 4 custom sections and note-paper templates.  

➡️ Coolest features

  • Has 37 covers and a 600-sticker pack for personalization.
  • User-friendly, easy to access, quick set-up, and lots of productivity templates.

➡️ Main limitations

  • The navigation could be more user-friendly. The extra templates aren’t located directly under their respective index pages.

5) All-In-One Digital Planner for 2024 & 2025 by ForLittleLion

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 19.47.50

This planner is truly exceptional. Not only does this digital planner cover 2024 and 2025, but it also includes an undated planner for added convenience. There is a wide variety of templates, over 10,000 digital stickers, and bonus trackers available for all your tracking needs, such as fitness, reading logs, projects, and more.

➡️ Coolest features

  • Integration with productivity apps and cloud storage services.
  • Easily schedule events from your digital planner directly to Apple or Google Calendar.

➡️ Main limitations

  • Individuals seeking a one-stop solution for all their planning requirements.

6) Aesthetic 2024 Goodnotes Planner by TemplateStack.io

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If you’re new to digital planners or are feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of buttons and links, this digital planner is perfect for you. With its intuitive design, you can easily find your content and navigate through any page. It is user-friendly, simple, and offers clarity. This planner prioritizes functionality over extra templates, providing you with daily and weekly planning layouts to keep you organized.  

➡️ Coolest features

  • Streamlined navigation featuring just 4 primary buttons on every page.
  • The “Someday” page allows you to keep track of any unfinished daily tasks conveniently.

➡️ Main limitations

  • File format issues while exporting to other platforms.

7) The Custom Digital Planner by The Planners Collective

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 19.49.45

The Custom Digital Planner by The Planners Collective offers 192 customizable variations, allowing you to personalize your planner quickly through the interactive builder. With its comprehensive sections like Lifestyle, Wellness, and Finance, this platform provides hyperlinks for effortless navigation, allowing users to explore various topics easily. The two-page spread layout offers plenty of room to plan your daily activities. Overall, it’s an interactive, versatile, and customizable planner. 

➡️ Coolest features

  • Only option that offers both dated and undated planners to make the most out of your planner. 
  • Step-by-step video tutorials to provide you with easy access and navigation.

➡️ Main limitations

  • The page order may seem a little unconventional, which might not be ideal if you prefer a more intuitive scrolling experience rather than relying on links.

8) Boho Digital Planner by Kaya Planners

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 19.50.56

The Boho Planner by Kaya Planners provides a wide range of habit trackers in addition to regular planning pages. Monthly trackers cover finances, mood, health, and more. You can easily access them through the Monthly Planners & Trackers or Index pages. 

Although the planner has some room for improvement, it offers a wide range of trackers and user-friendly templates that make it a viable option, especially considering its budget-friendly cost.

➡️ Coolest features

  • Exciting monthly and weekly planner layouts and additional templates for detailed planning.
  • Value for money and affordable. 

➡️ Main limitations

  • Navigation can be improved, requiring less clicking and jumping around to access the desired information.

9) The Hello Gorgeous VOL.2 Digital Planner by Luxbook

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 19.52.32

The Hello Gorgeous planner features a stunning black, white, and pink design with marbled dividers. Additionally, it offers the convenience of personalization options. Despite being undated, it allows for indefinite use and customization with font names and color codes provided. 

While setting up may be time-consuming, it offers flexibility with 22 weekly layout options and various templates. Instruction pages and QR code tutorials make navigation easy while accessing daily pages is just a click away with hyperlinks. 

➡️ Coolest features

  • Timeless functionality because it’s undated. 
  • Provides additional space for personalization and detailed planning. 

➡️ Main limitations

  • The setup lacks consistency. The monthly pages begin on Sunday, while the weekly pages begin on Monday.

10) 2024 Digital Coloring Planner by Sarah Renae Clark

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 20.13.00

The Digital Coloring Planner offers a unique blend of relaxation and productivity, with each page featuring coloring elements alongside planning space. The monthly themes make it easier to navigate, while the planner has the familiar look of a traditional paper planner with a two-page spread and spiral binder. 

This planner provides a variety of unique templates that are complemented by customisable stickers and frames. As a bonus, they also include a free coloring book. Although it may not be suitable for meticulous planners, its blend of coloring and planning could be attractive to individuals looking for a relaxing experience during their planning sessions.

➡️ Coolest features

  • Includes additional note pages and coloring pages throughout the sections for any additional needs you may have.
  • Comes with a variety of stickers and frames.

➡️ Main limitations

  • Lacks daily pages and hyperlinks. Uses tabs for navigation.

11) Undated Digital Planner by Thiss Planner

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 20.14.21

The Undated Digital Planner by Thiss Planner offers a risk-free trial with a free sample download. The planner is perpetual, featuring 10 goal planners and project planners. The content is extensive, featuring templates for various categories and additional notebooks for projects or goals. The navigation is intuitive. Accessing daily, weekly, and monthly pages requires you to click through a number bar instead of hyperlinks. This planner is a cost-effective choice with a trial period, which is a bonus for cautious buyers.

➡️ Coolest features

  • Undated, so it can be used indefinitely.
  • Additional sections are available for customisation and specialized planning.

➡️ Main limitations

  • Daily page links could be more user-friendly. 

12) 2024 Dream Life Planner by PaperNRoses

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 20.16.15

The Dream Life Planner by PaperNRoses provides a comprehensive personal and business planner that includes specialized templates and layouts for various aspects of life. These templates cover goal setting, project completion, social media scheduling, habit trackers, and goal trackers making it convenient and efficient to stay organized. 

Standout features include a designated area for mindset templates such as gratitude and affirmations, as well as a memory journal called 1 Line a Day.

➡️ Coolest features

  • Conveniently access the Index page through the hyperlink on the coils.
  • Incredible templates to help you stay inspired and organized.

➡️ Main limitations

  • Setting up the speciality sections may take some initial time and effort.

13) Muji-Inspired Planner by coffeecloud9

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 20.17.42

The Muji-Inspired Planner by coffeecloud9 offers a basic yet charming option for quick monthly and weekly task jotting. It comes in 4 different cover colors to suit your preference. The weekly pages provide ample space for each day’s tasks, goals, and additional notes, complemented by colorful designs and included stickers and memo pads. 

The planner offers additional features such as reading logs and customisable notebook sections, catering to individuals who prefer a more minimalist planning style.

➡️ Coolest features

  • Color-coordinated pages make it effortless to navigate and keep track of your progress.
  • Set goals effortlessly with the reading log. 

➡️ Main limitations

  • Navigation and functionality are not as intuitive. It requires scrolling through pages or using app-specific navigation tools. 

14) 2024 Ultimate Goal Planner by Laurel Studio Design

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 20.19.44

The 2024 Goal Planner by Laurel Studio stands out with its stunning and minimalist design, offering an enjoyable writing experience. This planner not only looks great but it is also designed to help you effectively achieve your goals. With dedicated goal-setting sections, habit-tracking features, and inspirational elements, this digital planner is a valuable companion for individuals who are into strict organization. 

➡️ Coolest features

  • Intuitive, contemporary design that effortlessly navigates you through every page.
  • Easy access and interface. 

➡️ Main limitations

  • The screen may not fit perfectly in landscape orientation, but this can vary depending on the size of the device.

15) Minimal Planner – Light Neutral by Hello Brio

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 20.22.23

Hello Brio’s Minimal Planner offers a perfect solution for bullet journal enthusiasts. Despite the inconvenience of separate PDFs for each template, the planner allows complete customization, unlike pre-set layouts in other planners. 

The Daily Planner provides structured time slots alongside ample space for personalized notes or goals, catering to individual priorities. If you seek the freedom of a bullet journal with added structure, this planner offers the ideal balance.

➡️ Coolest features

  • Step-by-step video tutorials to effortlessly guide you through the setup process.
  • Create your planner exactly the way you want with the open-ended, freeform style.

➡️ Main limitations

  • There is no navigation available, as you are responsible for creating the planner on your own.

16) Paperlike’s Digital Planner (Free & Paid)

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 20.24.45

This digital planner has a wide range of templates designed to suit your preferences. Choose from various options like light or dark mode, Sunday or Monday start, and weekly or daily layouts. It has a clean, simple, and ease to use interface. 

For a traditional paper planner feel, you can explore Paperlike’s Digital Planner with intuitive navigation tabs and links on every page. You can easily transition between Year, Month, Week, and Day pages with split-screen capability for seamless planning

➡️ Coolest features

  • An accessible option for individuals seeking a streamlined and user-friendly solution to stay organized.
  • You’ll receive an email containing the latest Pro Planner every year, ensuring that you have lifetime access to it.

➡️ Main limitations

  • Does not include any additional templates or inserts for specialized pages.

17) 2024 Life Planner by Breezy Organization

Capture decran 2024 01 09 a 20.27.05

The Life Planner by Breezy Organization is the ultimate tool for effortless organization. With 20 customizable sections and intuitive navigation tabs and hyperlinks, planning your entire year becomes a child’s play. Unique widgets allow for extra lists and tasks on any page, enhancing customization options. 

Each section is fully customizable, with 3 hyperlinked pages to plan deep into specific categories. It also features standard planning pages, including yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily layouts, complemented by icons for finance, notes, and vision boards, besides tracking goals. 

➡️ Coolest features

  • Includes stickers and widgets to enhance your planner.
  • Quick links to set reminders on iOS, add events to your Apple Calendar, and schedule events in your Google calendar.

➡️ Main limitations

  • Navigation could be more user-friendly. Understanding the various icons is essential for navigating the planner effectively.

Pick up My Digital Planner (MyDigitalPlanner.io) today!

There you have it. 17 planners, endless possibilities!

Nonetheless, if you are still overwhelmed and confused about which one to put your hands on, My Digital Planner can be your ideal match. It is perfectly designed to help individuals, students, entrepreneurs, and teachers. Furthermore, it seamlessly works with Apple, Windows, and Android devices, thereby ensuring a versatile planning experience for all users.

Don’t just dream of an organized 2024; make it happen! Get yours today!


Popular options include Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf (iOS), and Xodo (Android/Windows).

Absolutely. If you like flexibility, searchability, and eco-friendliness, digital planners are totally worth it. Consider the cost versus features. 

Traditional planners are physical age-old paper planners while digital planners are PDFs used with note-taking apps

It depends on your preference. Digital planners offer portability, customization, and searchability while physical planners offer a tactile experience. Moreover, digital planners are eco-friendly unlike traditional planners.

Not necessarily. Some apps work on Android/Windows tablets or phones. However, having an iPad offers a smooth digital planning experience.

Yes. You will need a note-taking app with PDF annotation capabilities to use a digital planner.

Digital planners are reusable (undated), customizable, and often more affordable than physical planners. You can add stickers/images to create memories and get timely reminders that help you meet strict deadlines.

Most PDFs have hyperlinks between sections (e.g., monthly tabs) for easy navigation within the app.

There is no “better” option. Both the planners come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. It totally depends on your preference for organization and planning style.

You will need a tablet, a note-taking app, and a digital planner PDF (purchased online or free) go use a digital planner.

You can get the best digital planners on planner shops’ websites, or digital product marketplaces. You can also shop the all-in-one best digital planner of 2024 available at mydigitalplanner.io to meet your planning needs today.

2024 Digital Planner For Tablets

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2024 Digital Planner For Tablets

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